The situation

Let’s imagine that you have a class, we’ll call it TestClass.

class TestClass {
	public param1: string;
	public param2: string;
	public list: string[];
	public thing: AnotherClass;
	public thingToBeIgnored: string = "Leave me here!"

Now we want to instantiate that class from a generic JSON response.

	"_param_1": "something",
	"param2": "something else",
	"items": ["item 1", "item 2", "item 3"],
	"something": {
		"inner1": "inner thing",
		"inner2": "another inner thing"
	"thingToBeIgnored": "some useless data"

How do we go about it? Mapping manually is too cumbersome… that’s where tapi.js comes to help!

We can begin, first let’s make your class buildable!

When you’re done come back here to see what our new configuration looks like. No spoilers!